Babies in the Nestbox

Welcome to the Nestbox!

This page is dedicated to all of my litters that are born. I try to post pictures regularly as the babies grow. It is truly amazing how they are born roughly the length of your pinky finger and grow to be about a pound in 8 weeks!

Baby rabbits are born hairless and with their eyes closed. They depend on the warm nest that the mother built from the fur from her belly and hay to stay warm. In two weeks their eyes will open and they will have a coating of fur over their bodies. From two weeks until about four weeks they get into the excitable wiggly stage where they want to explore and play. You have to be careful because they don't have depth perception at this stage and will run right off the edges of tables. At about five to six weeks you can really starting getting to know the babies personality and they become more interested in interacting with people. Usually around the five week old time they begin eating pellets and hay, by eight weeks old they are completely independent from mom.

Britney Ears litter

DOB: July 19th 2022

Parents: LLL's Britney Ears (Broken Blue) and LLL's Smokey (Blue)

Britney Ears is currently living with a friend who wanted to have the fun of a litter of babies this summer. She got her wish with this large litter of six! In the litter are two broken blues, a blue, and three ruby eyed babies.

8 Weeks old September 13th 2022

*This litter will be coming home this week and I will be able to sex them and provide information at that time. :)

Peaches Litter

DOB: August 29th 2022

Parents: Live,Laugh,Lops Peaches (Orange) and LLL's Sunny (Broken Orange)

Peaches is such a small doe that she often has peanuts, so even though she had four babies these are the two cuties that made it. Both are going to be oranges.

8 weeks old October 24th 2022

Emmys Litter

DOB: August 29th 2022

Parents: New Moon's Emmy (Tri) and Heath's Adrien (Chestnut)

Emmy had two beautiful healthy babies. Looks like maybe a smutty orange and a chestnut.

8 weeks old October 24th 2022

Sweetie Pie's Litter

DOB: August 29th 2022

Parents: Live,Laugh,Lops Sweetie Pie (Broken Blue) and LLL's Smokey (Blue)

Sweetie Pie pulled the biggest nest for her four babies! She is a mother that feeds them well- such chubby tummies! Looks like a cream, and blues.

8 weeks old October 24th 2022

Raichu's Litter

DOB: August 29th 2022

Parents: Live,Laugh,Lops Raichu (Harlequin) and Heath's Tesh (Broken Blue Cream)

Raichu is a first time mommy. She and I had some disagreements as to where her nest was going to be set up but in the end all is well and she has four beautiful babies! I am unsure of their color and am looking forward to figuring it out in the next couple of weeks.

8 weeks old October 24th 2022

Belle's Litter

DOB: August 29th 2022

Parents: LLL's Belle (Tri) and LOL's Cookie (Harlequin)

Belle is such a wonderful mother! No need to worry about her or her babies she is so attentive to them. Looks like some tris and a beautifully marked harlequin.

8 weeks old October 24th 2022

Updated: 9/3/2022