Babies in the Nestbox

Welcome to the Nestbox!

This page is dedicated to all of my litters that are born. I try to post pictures regularly as the babies grow. It is truly amazing how they are born roughly the length of your pinky finger and grow to be about a pound in 8 weeks!

Baby rabbits are born hairless and with their eyes closed. They depend on the warm nest that the mother built from the fur from her belly and hay to stay warm. In two weeks their eyes will open and they will have a coating of fur over their bodies. From two weeks until about four weeks they get into the excitable wiggly stage where they want to explore and play. You have to be careful because they don't have depth perception at this stage and will run right off the edges of tables. At about five to six weeks you can really starting getting to know the babies personality and they become more interested in interacting with people. Usually around the five week old time they begin eating pellets and hay, by eight weeks old they are completely independent from mom.

Pebbles Litter

Parents: LLL's Pebbles (Harlequin) and LLL's Smudge (Tricolor)

DOB: 9/10/2021

Sweet Pebbles gave birth to a large litter of six! She is an incredible mommy who loves to show off her babies. She is really the sweetest doe.

  1. Harlequin Buck- Hold Taina S.

  2. Tricolor Buck- Hold Eva M.

  3. Tri Doe (not well marked)- Hold- Antonio

  4. Lightly marked harlequin buck- Hold Melissa B.

  5. Tricolor buck (lightly marked)- Pending

  6. Harlequin buck- Hold- Kelly

Ready: Nov. 6th 2021

Diggers Litter

Parents: LLL's Digger (Broken Black) and KL's Marks (chinchilla)

DOB: 10/3/2021

My daughters bunny, Digger, gave birth to three little babies. All three are doing great! Looks like a black, broken black, and a chinchilla.

Ready Nov. 27th 2021

Willow's Litter

Parents: LLL's Willow (chocolate) ad LLL's Smudge (Tri/ chocolate carrier)

DOB: 10/9/2021

Willow is a perfect brood doe, she has decent sized litters and is an excellent mother. This mom is such a good girl! She had six babies, but sadly one didn't make it.

8 weeks old- December 4th

Boo's Litter

Parents: LLL's BooBoo (Broken Lilac) and LLL's Cocoa Puff (Chocolate Otter)

DOB: 10/9/2021

I am so glad Boo stayed with me when she was a baby. This sweet gentle doe is a super attentive mother and great project bunny. Once her babies are two weeks old she will be headed to the high school to teach the student. Looks like a couple of chocolate otter babies and a little mystery baby!

8 weeks old- December 4th

Belle's Litter

Parents: LLL's Belle (Tricolor) and LOL's Cookie (Harlequin)

DOB: 10/19/2020

Belle has been trying to make a nest for weeks now! She certainly made these three babies the best fluffiest nest. Looks like 2 harlequins and a tricolor. Beautiful!

Checker's Litter

Parents: LLL's Checkers (Magpie) and LLL's Onyx (Brk Black)

DOB: 10/19/2020

Checkers actually had a large litter of six, but sadly only two babies survived. These two little ones are doing great though.

Updated: 10/24/2021