Babies in the Nestbox

Welcome to the Nestbox!

This page is dedicated to all of my litters that are born. I try to post pictures regularly as the babies grow. It is truly amazing how they are born roughly the length of your pinky finger and grow to be about a pound in 8 weeks!

Baby rabbits are born hairless and with their eyes closed. They depend on the warm nest that the mother built from the fur from her belly and hay to stay warm. In two weeks their eyes will open and they will have a coating of fur over their bodies. From two weeks until about four weeks they get into the excitable wiggly stage where they want to explore and play. You have to be careful because they don't have depth perception at this stage and will run right off the edges of tables. At about five to six weeks you can really starting getting to know the babies personality and they become more interested in interacting with people. Usually around the five week old time they begin eating pellets and hay, by eight weeks old they are completely independent from mom.

Princess's Litter

Parents: Live,Laugh,Lops Princess (Blue Tort) and LLL's Smokey (Blue)

DOB: 5/12/2022

New mommy Princess made the students who have her as a project bunny so happy! She waited to give birth until their class so they were able to observe. So excited for these three little nuggets.

*Picture updated 6/21/2022

  1. Blue Tort Doe- Hold Cailey

  2. Blue Tort Doe- Hold Ali

  3. Blue Doe- Hold John K.

8 weeks old July 7th

Julia's Litter

Parents: Heath's Julia and Live,Laugh,Lops Cocoa Puff

DOB: 5/20/2022

This was Julia's first successful litter! She had a huge litter of 8!, sadly 3 were peanuts and didn't make it. She is currently taking care of three of the black otter babies, while two of her little ones are being fostered by Peaches since she only had a single baby.

  1. Black Otter Doe- Keeping

  2. Black Otter Buck

  3. Fox Otter (not showable) Doe

  4. Black Otter Buck- Keeping

  5. Black Otter Doe

8 weeks old July 15th 2022

Peaches Litter

Parents: LLL's Peaches (Orange) and LLL's Sunny D (Broken Orange)

DOB: 5/21/2022

Little Peaches after several failed litter attempts, Peaches was sucessful! She had several babies but only one little survivor! Julia was having a little trouble with all of her many babies so Peaches is fostering two from Julias litter.

  1. Broken Orange Buck

8 weeks old July 16th 2022

Emmy's Litter

Parents: New Moon's Emmy (Tricolor) and LOL's Cookie (Harlequin)

DOB: 5/21/2022

This is Emmy's second litter, her first one did not go well at all and it took her a long time to recover. So pleased that her second litter is a success. It looks like a couple of the babies take after her!

  1. Magpie Buck- On For Sale Page

  2. Tricolor Buck- On For Sale Page

  3. Magpie Doe- Hold Stephanie

  4. Tri Doe - On for sale page

8 weeks old July 16th 2022

Kit's Litter

Parents: LLL's Kit (Blue Tort) and LLL's Tobey (Lilac)

DOB: 5/21/2022

So this was going to be Kits last try. She had three DOA litters previously and she just didn't seem like she was cut out to be a mother... my did she prove me wrong! She had a litter of 8! And what is most amazing is she is a great mother to all 8 and all babies are doing well!!!

  1. Lilac Buck- On For Sale Page

  2. Magpie Doe- Hold Nyah

  3. REW Buck- On For Sale Page

  4. Blue Doe

  5. Lilac Buck

  6. Point Doe- On For Sale Page

  7. Blue Tort Buck- On For Sale Page

  8. Blue Buck- Hold Meira D.

8 weeks old July 16th 2022

Boo's Litter

Parents: LLL's Boo (Broken Lilac) and LLL's Norman (Blue Otter)

DOB: 5/21/2022

Pretty Boo has a beautiful litter of three. Two broken babies and one blue otter. They are all so adorable!

*Picture updated 6/21/2022

  1. Broken Blue Doe- Hold Laurie B.

  2. Blue Otter Buck- Keeping

  3. Broken Blue Buck

8 weeks old- July 16th 2022

Elsa Mae's Litter

Parents: Live,Laugh,Lops's Elsa Mae (Broken Frosted) and Live,Laugh,Lop's Sparky (Chinchilla)

DOB: June 8th, 2022

This is Elsa Mae's second litter. She is such a good mother! Taking care of her litter six little kits! Looks to have some chinchillas in the litter!

Colors are Broken Black, Frosty, 2 Chinchillas, and 2 broken chinchillas

8 weeks old August 3rd 2022

Dandelion's Litter

Parents: LLL's Dandelion (Magpie) and LLL's Sunny (Broken Orange)

DOB: June 8th, 2022

Dandelion has a beautiful litter of three! Looks like at least on harlequin baby.

Colors: 2 lightly marked magpies and a blue harlequin

8 weeks old August 3rd 2022

Digger's Litter

Parents: LLL's Digger (Broken Black) and Seascapes Merlin (Broken Blue)

DOB: June 8th, 2022

Sweet Digger only had one baby survive, sadly the others were all peanuts. She is helping Willow out though by fostering two of Willows babies for her.

8 weeks old August 3rd 2022

Willow's Litter

Parents: LLL's Willow (Chocolate) and LLL's Smudge (Tricolor)

DOB: June 8th, 2022

Pretty Willow has a beautiful litter of six. She did seem like she didn't have enough milk for all of the babies so two of her kits are being fostered to Digger.

Colors: Harlequin, Chocolate Tri, Chocolate Chestnut, Broken Chocolate Chestnut, Chocolate, and a Tri

8 weeks old August 3rd 2022

Belle's Litter

Parents: LLL's Belle (Tricolor) and LOL's Cookie (Harlequin)

DOB: June 8th, 2022

Belle had four kits, sadly three were peanuts and didn't survive. This little one is doing wonderfully though! Appears to be a well marked blue tricolor.

8 weeks old August 3rd 2022

Updated: 7/2/2022