Babies in the Nestbox

Welcome to the Nest box! 

This page is dedicated to all of my litters that are born. I try to post pictures regularly as the babies grow. It is truly amazing how they are born roughly the length of your pinky finger and grow to be about a pound in 8 weeks! 

Baby rabbits are born hairless and with their eyes closed. They depend on the warm nest that the mother built from the fur from her belly and hay to stay warm. In two weeks their eyes will open and they will have a coating of fur over their bodies. From two weeks until about four weeks they get into the excitable wiggly stage where they want to explore and play. You have to be careful because they don't have depth perception at this stage and will run right off the edges of tables. At about five to six weeks you can really starting getting to know the babies personality and they become more interested in interacting with people. Usually around the five week old time they begin eating pellets and hay, by eight weeks old they are completely independent from mom. 

Maple's Litter

DOB: 4/9/2023

Parents: LiveLaughLops Maple (Blue Harlequin) and Live,Laugh,Lops Sunny (Broken Orange)

First time mommy, Maple, is going to be an amazing mother. She had this beautiful litter of four and is doing wonderfully with them. 

Ready June 3rd.

Liberty's Litter

DOB: 4/9/2023

Parents: Lomar's Liberty (Chinchilla) and Live,Laugh,Lops Tiger (Harlequin)

Hurray after quite a few attempted litters, Liberty has finally figured out how to be a mom. She started out with six babies but sadly two were peanuts and didn't survive. The remaining four are doing great! 

Ready June 3rd.

Boo's Litter

DOB: 4/10/2023

Parents: LiveLaughLops Boo (Broken Lilac) and Heath's Adrien (Chestnut)

Boo is a wonderful mother who gave birth to two adorable babies. A broken black and a broken blue. 

Broken Blue Doe- Keeping

Ready June 3rd.

Emmy's Litter

DOB: 4/9/2023

Parents: New Moon's Emmy (Tricolor) and Live,Laugh,Lops Tobey (Lilac)

Emmy gave birth to a big litter of five! Looks like 2 chocolates, a chocolate chestnut, a broken black and a tri.

Ready June 3rd.

Pebbles Litter

DOB: 4/9/2023

Parents: LiveLaughLops Pebbles (Harlequin) and NewMoon's Magnus (Magpie)

Pebbles is such an amazing mom and takes such great care of her little ones. It looks like we might have three magpies and a harlequin in the litter. 

Ready June 3rd.

Autumn's Litter

DOB: 4/27/2023

Parents: LiveLaughLops Autumn (Harlequin) and LiveLaughLops Sunny (Broken Orange)

Autumn is a super mom! She had another huge litter of six and is doing very well with them. She is such a good attentive mother and such a sweet doe. I think its adorable how she likes to show off her babies to me- like look how perfect these cuties are! 

8 weeks old June 22nd

Hunnybunns Litter

DOB: 5/6/2023

Parents: LiveLaughLops Hunnybunns (Orange) and LiveLaughLops Miles (Tricolor)

No picture yet! These little beans were jumping around so much that I couldn't get a picture to share. Hunnybunns had a huge litter of 7, with 2 not making it. The remaining five are doing great, with one of her little ones being fostered to Kit since Kits baby was cold being alone.

8 weeks old July 1st

Britney Ears Litter

DOB: 5/8/2023

Parents: LiveLaughLops Britney Ears (Broken Blue) and LOL's Cookie (Harlequin)

Three beautiful little kits! So excited to see what colors they will be. Britney is such a good mother!

8 weeks old July 3rd

Kit's Litter

DOB: 5/8/2023

Parents: LiveLaughLops Kit (Blue Tort) and LiveLaughLops Cocoa Puff (Chocolate Otter)

Kit only had one surviving baby the little chocolate. Since it was a little chilled I took the little spotted baby from hunnybunns litter so that it could be a foster sibling to Kits baby. Both babies are doing great now.

Whopper's Litter

DOB: 5/8/2023

Parents: LiveLaughLops Whopper (Black Tort) and LiveLaughLops Tobey (Lilac)

Whopper had two little babies but only one little survivor! This little ones is doing great and so is mom. 

Olivia's Litter

DOB: 5/19/2023

Parents: LiveLaughLops Olivia (chocolate) and 

Three beautiful healthy babies!

Updated: 5/20/2023