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LLL's Princess

Blue Tort Doe


Princess is an excellent mother, and has also been a great foster momma in the past. She is a small brood doe, but does have ear control. So she needs to be bred to bucks that have longer ears and bigger crowns. 

$80 with full pedigree 

LLL's Willow

Chocolate Doe

DOB: 2019 

Willow is a big brood doe, probably close to five pounds. However bred to the right buck has produced nice show quality offspring. She is friendly and is a wonderful mother. She isn't really a fan of  coming out of her home, but once she is she is happy to either sit in your arms or play in the playpen. She has had many babies (Olivia, Jumpy and Tiger are children I have kept from her).  

Bred- 4/7/2023 to Merlin (Not available now until litter is ready)

$ 80 with full pedigree


Broken Blue Buck

Merlin is a proven sire. 3 years old. He has nice type and is a good boy. His only fault is he does not like being picked up, it causes him to be very nervous. Once in your arms he is fine but getting there I usually wrap him in a towel to help him feel more secure. He is a boy that definitely prefers to do his own thing but does love attention and pets.

$20 pet home, $80 with full pedigree

Heaths Adrien

Chestnut Buck

I really like this guy a lot, however I am just not really working with chestnuts for color so I don't have much use of this handsome boy. He is an excellent sire. He is friendly but doesn't really like being held. Not recommended for a pet only home.

$160 with pedigree

Updated: 5/8/2023

Sales Policy: 

This is my current sales policy if you have any questions please let me know. 

1. Bunnies are sold first come first serve basis.

2. I will NOT hold a bunny without a 50% non refundable deposit. Deposits may be made through paypal. Please include your phone number when sending a deposit so that I can contact you in case e-mails don't go through. 

3. Baby bunnies are expected to be picked up when they are 8 weeks old. If the baby needs to be held past 9 weeks old it is at a charge of $10 a week paid in advance. If bunny isn't picked up by the time it turns 10 weeks old, and no prior arrangements are made than it will be assumed that you don't want him/ her anymore and the bunny will be put back up for sale. 

4. All of the bunnies are healthy to the best of my knowledge at the time of pickup. Please examine the bunny to make sure that I don't miss anything when you pick the bunny up. I am happy to show you how to perform a health check when you pick up, just ask. Once the bunny leaves my care it is the new owners responsibility to provide adequate care and feed to ensure the bunnies continued health.   

5. Please be sure that the bunny is what you want, even though I am raising bunnies for good temperament, correct type and show quality I can't guarantee how they will turn out as adults. I also sex a lot of bunnies but can occasionally make mistakes. When you pick up a bunny please be sure it is what you want. 

6. Prices are dependent on quality, sex, and color. Show and Brood animals all come with complete pedigrees, Pet animals can come with a Live,Laugh,Lops baby unofficial bunny birth certificate. This has the parents information on it and the babies birthday and color. Please ask if you would like one. 

7. Pick up- Please note due to biosecurity reasons and safety of my bunnies we will meet in the driveway, at this time farm tours aren't happening. I am only available on weekends for bunny pick ups during the school year.

7. Please check out my "About Lops" page to see if owning a bunny is right for you. Also I am happy to answer any e-mails concerning bunnies or questions that you might have. 


I price my bunnies according to quality and color. I like my bunnies going to pet homes where they can be loved and spoiled that is why I have different options for the bunnies for prices. Color also plays a part in the cost. Please let me know if you plan on showing bunnies so that I can let you know who has greater show potential.

Sold as PETS- prices typically range between $80-150 without pedigrees

Sold with PEDIGREES or BROOD Animals are $100+

Sold as SHOW Quality Animals or ARBA Registered are $200+ and come with their full pedigrees or registrations.